One of the greatest Gifts.


One of the greatest Gifts.



One of the greatest Gifts God has bestowed upon me was the gift of Love.

I have been and am loved by some of the most amazing people.
One in particular I’d like to introduce you to is Danielle Podmayersky . She came to me as an infant and from the moment her mom Carol put her in my arms it was immediate love ❤.
Her love of animals always touched my heart. She knew at an early age this would be her passion and life’s goal.   She currently attends  Rutgers in New Jersey.  Danielle studies
ecology and evolution and would love to go into wildlife conservation and one day do research with orangutans in Indonesia.
No wonder she loved Bananas so much lol.
I know that whatever Danny sets her mind to she will accomplish. I wish everyone were kind to animals and all the abuse would stop all over the world.  Be kind to every little creature .
Good Luck sweet Danny girl. You’re on a great path. Walk straight and proud.