Working with my Producer Ryan Drbblz


Working with my Producer Ryan Drbblz



Working with my Producer Ryan Drbblz today on some really exciting new projects.  Ryan is an experienced Producer and DJ from New York City.  Ryan has DJ’d all across the United States and produced on various record labels, as well as a Top 10 selling artist on

Ryan has worked in various fields including ; Nemesis distribution in New York City and is currently the lead web/multimedia /designer for Night Owl Security Products in Southern Florida.  Through Night Owl, Ryan has created web design work for, Newegg,,, and integrates some of these multimedia projects with the voiceover talents of Tess La Bella.

The greatest part about working with Ryan is the no job is to difficult.  He finds a way to make each project unique and original.  His attention to detail and ability to conceptualize and manifest his ideas into a completed work of art is quite remarkable.

If you would like to hear some of Ryan’s personal work please go to :

See ya at work Ryan!!!!!

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Carole Tess is an amazing talent, cook and friend! I love this woman and all she is to the moon and back. This crumb cake is [...]

Marcela Fernanda You are such an inspiration!

Samantha Skye Tess is my favorite SAG-AFTRA member! She is such a joy and her presence shines light in the darkest of places. Not to mention, her [...]

Angela del Salto Love your voice dear Tess!!!

Angela del Salto Mmmmmmm, rico!!!

Angela del Salto Mmmmmmm, yummy!!!

Erich Schuett The most genuine, kindest, best cook I know!!! Truly one of the greatest people out there Momma Meatballs!!!

Francis Allen This site belongs to an extremely kind and talented woman. One of my absolute faves

Julie Upton I had the pleasure of doing some business coaching with Tess La Bella, and my experience of her both before and after that - has [...]

Francis Allen So glad to have met you Tess. You are extremely talented, versatile, kind, with a great sense of humour, and produce amazing work. As if [...]

Karen Chimato Tess LaBella has made me smile since the day I met her on the set of What's Yours Is Mine: Saga of Sylvia and Selma. [...]

Donnie Kent Ceasar You are the Cooks meow 😉 A Queen of all trades! xo

Petrell Ozbay Your tremendous work ethic and talent is only surpassed by the kindness in your heart. Cannot wait to see more as you are just getting [...]

Bob Tracey Love the new website, looks great. Congrats! One of South Florida's best talents. Add her to your next project, it will be the best decision [...]

Doug / Poseidon Congratulations on your "Comedian of the Year" and just being YOU!!! Always nice to see and Mr. Love together as well as with [...]

Samantha Velez I had the pleasure of sharing a voice over class with you and experience some of your amazing energy! You are so talented and full [...]

Michael Tess- Of COURSE you're a star! You followed your heart right onto the path of success!! So proud and happy for you!!

Tara Williams Love the new "do", you look beautiful! Congratulations on your rise to stardom my awesome cousin!

frank a ruffolo so when are ya coming over to cook? hehehe

frank a ruffolo so when are ya coming iver to cook? heheheb

John Francks Hey Tess!!! Congrats on your achievement on Comedian of the Year!! I know you work so hard and you are amazing!!! Congrats!!! Love ya!!!!

Dinah Rose Laster Congratulations on winning "Comedian of the Year" award!! You are an extremely talented and humble person, and I can't wait to see the amazing things [...]

Mary Beth You are incredible !! Congratulations on receiving Comedian of the Year. There is NO ONE more deserving. XO

Jimmy Dowling Hi Tess, you are looking fanatastic keep up whatever you doing because it shows all over you.

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