Everyone has been asking. “Who did your website Tess”! Read below


Everyone has been asking. “Who did your website Tess”! Read below

I have been getting so many requests about who designed my fantastic website for me. Ask no longer. Thanks to my colleague and friend Ryan for connecting me with his friend Dorian in LA. Please read about Dorian below. If you are looking for a hardworking, totally dedicated and get the job done kinda guy…….He’s your man. I loved every minute of working with him. He answered all my questions. All 1,000 of them. He went above and beyond to help me understand. What’s great is I can now manage the website myself without the extra fees. I hope you give him a call and get the awesome results I did. You’ll be in good hands. Trust me. Dorian, you really are the best. Thank you so much for everything.


My name is Dorian, founder of Pixalien. I was introduced to Tess by a mutual friend who mentioned she needed a website to showcase her talents as a voice actress. Being in the music business as well as Web Design, I knew instantly my services would be perfect for her and proceeded to engage in a full website and mini-brand package with one goal in mind: Create a dynamic presence that would set Tess La Bella apart from the other Voice Actors and Actresses online. I’m happy to say that we both feel this was accomplished with the site you are looking at now! It melds professionalism and personality into one with a fairly robust yet easy to navigate website. It was truly a pleasure to work with Tess and I know with or without the website, she will continue to be a success and is always a pleasure to speak with.

I take pride in helping my clients succeed, because when they look good, we look good. Referrals are a designers best friend. I am always welcoming new clients for anything from Web Design, Print Design, Marketing, SEO and more! Most of our web sites are done on the WordPress platform, and we include training sessions to teach you how to manage your own site. That means you don’t have to pay anyone a dime to maintain your site, unless you choose to do so.

So if you ever need some help from a professional who keeps your best interest in mind, please email me for a free consult!

Email us at: info@pixalien.com
or visit us at: www.Pixalien.com