The Wrap Up of 2017!!!!!  Here we come 2018!!!!!!

2017 - Wrapup

The Wrap Up of 2017!!!!!  Here we come 2018!!!!!!


It was a very exciting 2017.  I was very happy and privileged to become a SAGAFTRA board member and Convention Delegate.  My husband, myself and an entire group of South Florida actors and board members headed to LA for the convention.  It was a huge success and such an honor to meet so many SAGAFTRA entertainers, actors and new friends.

Women in the Arts Miami once again recognized me for the Mentor of the Year Award in Miami.  What an honor that was.

Now on to New York City!!!!!  A very exciting time spent with my voice over coach the amazing Paul Liberti recording two new demos.

My work at Night Owl Security Systems has been very rewarding. Tess La Bella can be heard at a Wal Mart near you. My voice guides you through the user-friendly set up commands. Night Owl Security is one of the leading brands in Security Systems in the country.

As always, it’s a pleasure working with my dream team, “Gemini Films and Rolling Dice Pictures”. These talented men assisted me in many of my audio and video projects throughout the year.

The success of Storytimewithtess keeps growing. My partner, Petrell Ozbay a published author of children’s books along with Her Daughter Co-host Reina and I will be very busy with some great content for 2018.

Once it again it was a pleasure working on two other Concord Film called, “Killer Island and Marriage Killer”.

Had the pleasure of working again with award winning director Alyn Darnay on,” Killer Island” and meeting and working for the first time with Director Bernard Salzman. Bernard is not only an amazing cinemaphotographer but an incredible director.  On these films I was a voice over and Wardrobe Assistant.

Petrell and I are collaborating with a wonderfully talented animator named, “Lizzy Falcon”.  Don’t want to give to much away but we are sure to dazzle you with this project.


See you in 2018!!!!!