Happy New Year 2021!!!

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Happy New Year 2021!!!

Although 2020 was so challenging in so many ways it also had many silver linings in it. Here’s just a few. My mom recovered from breast cancer and we celebrate with her for her courage and strong faith. 
The vision of my friend and mentor Ada Gartenmann was realized and , “ QUARENTENA and BEYOND “ was published December 2020. I am proud to be one of the 47 co-authors of this amazing inspiring book. Stories of hope, resilience and inspiration during the great lock down. All the proceeds will go to many charities. We are all so excited as it made it to #1 on AMAZON. It’s our hope that you buy a copy and enjoy the inspiring stories.
Jim Masters Merry Christmas
What a wonderful way to spend the evening … on the Jim Masters Live Show!!! Aunt Marion made her tv debut on Jim’s show or as we love to call him Mr. Loveity. I had the pleasure of being a guest on Mr. Loveities show 2 times and I can’t wait to be asked back. Jim has brought back the art of conversation . He shares his wisdom, incredible gift of gab and his guests are pure LOVE, hence the name of all the guests LOVEITIES!!!  Come and join Jim and all the LOVIETIES in Loveity Hall on YouTube and Facebook. Here we are together 

Another bright spot  in the year was ending it with my good friend Richard Skipper and Dr. Judi Bloom. It was the perfect way to bring in the New Year. Richard and Dr. Judi Bloom are your perfect hosts and I hope to be back on their show again!! We had a very special time together. Bringing some love, laughter and friendship into your homes. I feel very blessed to have been with such talented ladies as Barbara and Beth! 

Creativity in the age of covid

And finally Aunt Marion my original character is still spreading her laughter, advice and love to everyone on Instagram! Hope you’ll follow her on Instagram…. @therealauntmarion 


Here’s to a better New Year!!! Be kind , stay safe and be well. 
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