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Tess La Bella is an American SAG-AFTRA voice over artist, character actress, comedienne and chef extraordinaire. A New Jersey native, her love of animation and imitation began in grade school when she voiced her favorite cartoon characters. Tess quickly moved on to imitating the local personalities at her family’s historic hotel – perfecting voices ranging from the grumpy chef to the three-pack-a-day cig voice of the hostess. (Oh by the way, Tess was still just 9 at the time).

Named Comedian of the Year (2016) and Outstanding Mentor (2017) by Women in the Arts Miami, Tess (as original character Selma Blingowitz) is the face of Calder Casino’s multi-media, multi-year advertising campaign. She also appeared in an AT&T- Uverse commercial for Spanish markets. Tess and her acting partner, Thomas Falborn (as Sylvia McDougal), entertained as The Boca Sisters on Miami’s 880 AM The Biz.


Tess was fortunate to land a dramatic role as nurse Louise in the critically acclaimed short film, “Who Is Lou Gehrig”, written and directed by the famous American Music video, commercial, and film director, Gil Green. It chronicles the true story of Jeff Fogel, and his mental and physical battle with ALS, and was supported by the Miami Heat basketball team, several of whom appeared in the film.

Tess has worked on several projects with Concord Films and has voiced advertising spots and training videos. Currently, she is the exclusive voice for Night Owl Security Systems. Community theater credits include Ruth in “The Pirates of Penzance”, Poppy in “Noises Off” and Mrs. Hannigan in “Annie.” Tess was the beloved sidekick and co-host of “All About This,” a live, unscripted internet radio show conceived by Tony Delvecchio, the late, great internet radio pioneer, and body guard to Frank Sinatra and Jilly Rizzo.

On a personal note, Tess is famous for her fabulous meatballs and delicious, addictive, chocolate chip cookies.

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