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Super Agent!

This is what it means to have a Super Agent – check out what just happened to me!


Selma Sightings!

Selma is coming to your town in a BIG WAY! Thank you to all my friends and colleagues who send me photos daily when there is a “Selma Sighting “!¬†Also, check out the new billboard on the Florida Turnpike.¬†Thank you¬†Calder Casino for using my character Selma Blingowitz.¬†Tess La BellaÔłŹ


Just Ask Boca Sisters every Tuesday!

Please join¬†Sylvia and Selma aka Boca Sisters with their “Just Ask Boca Sisters”,¬†along with the fabulously beautiful Nora Adler, Jesse Stolow and DJ Sam Gbadebo .¬†Every¬†Tuesday night at 7 pm on 880 amthebiz Miami!!!! You can write:¬† any relationship advice questions.¬†


Regarding Sylvia and Selma – Just Ask Boca Sister’s update

The holidays are over and it’s a New Year.. Sylvia and Selma are about to explode on the scene… Stay tuned for lots to come in 2016… We’ll be starting our¬†relationship segment on Entertaining Business Radio at 880am every Tuesday night at 7pm. watch for our funny videos that will be uploaded to Facebook as well as our youtube page…We’ll be making appearances at many local events as well.Some things […]


Who is Lou Gehrig? The film!

Who is Lou Gehrig? Directed by: Gil GreenA brilliantly told story of an incredible man named Jeff Fogel who is fighting a courageous battle with ALS.I am very blessed to have been a part of this movie.   Find more info at this link! Also check it out on Youtube:


Learn Voice Over techniques with me!

Hello Everyone. I am very excited to announce that Kim Houston/The Casting Gym has asked me to teach a Voice Over Class to teenage students.It is both a joy and a challenge to help these young people find their voice and develop their characters through the creative process. My first two classes are scheduled Jan.31, 2016 and Februrary 7, 2016. For more information on how to sign up please contact […]



Please let me introduce you to an amazing music artist named OneTrigga. We met when Thomas Falborn and I were guests on Entertaining Biz 880amthebiz.  in Miami. The show is aired every Tuesday at 7 pm. Please follow and check out my friend ONETRIGGA AT ONETRIGGA.COM God Bless this talented young man. He will rock your world !!!! Stay tune for more information on him.


Sylvia and Selma on radio station 880amthebiz

Sylvia and Selma riding down to the radio station 880amthebiz ¬†! 6,000 views and counting. Thank you everyone for all your support. In January, Thomas Falborn aka Sylvia McDougal and myself Tess aka Selma Blingowitz will be hitting the airwaves on 880amthebiz in Miami . We are joining Nora Adler, Jesse Stolow and DJ Sam Gbadebo with our¬†segment , “Just Ask”!¬† Every Tuesday at 7pm. You can write your questions […]


Storage Wars Miami on A&E cameo

So excited to find out that I am seen in the weekly intro of Storage Wars Miami on A&E airing Tuesday night at 10 pm. Lindsay and Greg as well as the entire cast were so kind to Freddi Love and I on set. Look at the smooching going on. Our episode is supposed to air next Tuesday night the 13th. A special thank you to the world renowned casting […]


Clare Coco Photography

Hi Everyone,¬† just a quick note to say this month I really want to say a special¬†thank you to my dear friend Clare Coco.¬† Clare took the magnificent pictures of me and Chef Ian Sherlock in the everglades.¬† It was an experience I shall never ever forget.¬† Chef Ian is back in St. Lucia and we all wish him the very best of luck on his upcoming cooking show. Please […]