About Tess La Bella



Tess La Bella is an American S.A.G. voice actress and chef extraordinaire. Her love of animation and imitation began at an early age. She constantly voiced her favorite cartoon characters. Her parents owned and operated a 250 year old historic hotel in New Jersey. Tess began exploring her comedic side and realized she could sound like the nasty curmudgeon German chefs or the three packs a day cig voice of the hostess Blossom. By the way, Tess was only 9 years old at the time.

Tess also enjoyed performing in Pirates of Penzance as Ruth, and Noises Off as Poppy in local community theaters. Tess was the side kick to her friend Tony Delvecchio in his internet radio show called, “All About This”. Paving the way for more fun.

 Tess has used her unique talent in voices and characters to coach at Kim Houston’s the casting Gym. 

Tess-on-radioTess and her partner Thomas Falborn will be doing a segment, “Just Ask”, on Miami’s Entertaining Biz 880 am thebiz every Tuesday at 7 pm. The Boca Sisters are, Tess La Bella aka, Selma Blingowitz and Thomas Falborn aka, Sylvia McDougal.  You can write to the Boca Sisters at: JustAskBocaSisters@gmail.com

Tess along with her husband Freddi Love and acting partner Thomas Falborn have a new website created by Alien Architects!! Check it out Sylvia-and-Selma.com. This site will help with pitching to networks along with our sitcom pilot called ,”Codgers Cove” in understanding the characters Sylvia and Selma. 



Kristin Price – Voice coach

Bob Tracey – Voice training

Paul Liberti – Voice training


The face behind the voice

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